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CANBUS Allows You To Record and Display Valuable Vehicle Data

How It Works:

A CANBUS Telematics system has all the features and benefits of our regular Telematics systems PLUS the ability to record data straight from the vehicles engine management unit.

It does this by connecting to the CANBUS network on the vehicle. (FMS on Trucks and OBD on Vans and Cars.)

This is the latest tool for fleet managers to see the individual performance of vehicles and their operation.

What You Will See:

Typical data obtained from an HGV will include:

Engine load 0 - 125 % sent on each update and Journey average.

The distance traveled during a journey. The maximum is 6553.5km to a resolution of 0.1km

Engine temperature in degrees C.

Fuel tank level. As a percentage of full.

Total fuel used in liters during the lifetime of the truck to 0.5 liters.

Total vehicle distance in km. This should be the same as the Tachograph and Odometer.

Fuel used this journey in Liters per 100 km. (or MPG if preferred)

The time that the cruise control has been on. (If fitted)

Axle Weight in kg. The sum of all axles. (if onboard weighing system is fitted)





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