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How does it work?

The system works by receiving GPS satellite signals using a small in-vehicle computer connected to a cellular modem. The GPS system is highly accurate, typically within a few meters. The position is updated every second and sent immediately on request to our servers or at preset rates. Logging into the web service allows vehicle positions to be seen on Street Level Mapping.

How do I access it?

FleetTrack can be accessed via any browser (Internet Eplorer, Google Chrome Firfox ect.) 

No matter what computer device is being used. PCs, Tablets, Phones, Windows, Android, iOS. All that is required is a broadband or 3G/4G connection to the Web.

Main System Features 
Position on Demand 
At its simplest an individual vehicle is selected, the system transmits a command and the vehicle responds with its current position and speed.

Timed Reporting.
Any combination of time, distance traveled, and angle turned can be used to trigger a report. Plus events such as ignition on/off, vibration, shock, driver identification.   

Historic Replays 
Replay any number of past days to identify where a specific vehicle has been, and the route used. This can either be replayed on the map or alternatively printed out.
RingFences and HotSpots 
The mapping system can be used to define RingFences and HotSpots. These allow the movement of a vehicle into or out of critical areas to be monitored in real time or listed in reports. 

A warning SMS can be sent to any mobile phone on a number of triggers. For example:

If a Curfew is broken, A Maximum Speed exceeded, A period of Excessive Idling occurs etc.

The mapping station can run a wide range of reports to mine the historic data. some of the reports can be seen Here... 





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